Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Door, A Wall, + Some Vino: Part 1

One of my favorite things about old bungalows are their charm. That is what attracted me to the historic neighborhood I live in now and specifically my tiny little house from the 1920s. However, with this charm, also comes quirks… Our home is just over 1,000sf, but fortunately very efficient so seems somewhat larger. When we moved in there was just one “efficiency” that I couldn’t quite understand. There were two doors going into our bedroom. (I mean, it isn’t as if our home our bedroom is so large that we need to access it from a separate wing!!!)

The Door aka The Problem
One of these doors opened off of our living room and was juxtaposed just next to the door that enters the sun room. Here is where the inefficiency and modern technology forced my better half and I into action. We had a small living room with at least one door and / or window per wall with no where to put our TV… clearly our home was built pre-televised college football season. We decided to turn the door that went into our bedroom into a wall, and reuse the door in a creative way.
The New Wall

The doors next life will be as the table top for a bar-top-height table in our recently renovated kitchen. We are also planning to incorporate a wine rack that my brother-in-law built us as a wedding gift. (Note that Part 2 of this post will be the construction of the table... gulp!) 

Wine Rack or Storage Shelf???
I encourage anyone who is doing a renovation project, small or large, to think about a creative end use for items being replaced or to consider if what you are building requires new materials. Think of the resources that would be conserved, the money that could be saved, or the deserving family that could benefit.
Stay tuned for more adventures in home reuse + rehab... Part 2 of this project and the labor of love known as our kitchen!

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